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Perfect for outdoor cinemas and sports events, our pop-up screens deliver fantastic image quality with multiple sizes available to suit any venue.

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Pop-Up Screens With The Wow Factor

Our pop-up screens are perfect for outdoor cinemas, sports streaming at bars and pubs, live music and indoor events. We offer multiple sizes and can recommend the best media setup for what you want to achieve.

pop-up screens

Configuration And Setup Included

Pop-up LED displays provide dynamic visuals for various events and venues. The screens assemble on temporary frameworks to accommodate confined spaces indoors or on outdoor stages. Their strategic placement guides crowd movement, promoting safety by discouraging spectators from surging forward.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor venues.

  • Ideal for confined spaces.

  • Modular screens available in virtually any size.

How It Works

Our consultative approach provides end-to-end support for pop-up screen hire. From conception to installation, we offer unbiased recommendations on screens and creative solutions tailored to your venue. With over 1,000 partners, we handle design, engineering, and construction unique applications.

Hire periods

You can hire our pop-up screens by the day, week, and month, with weekend rentals being our most popular option.


We price by the hire period, with discounts available for longer and repeat rentals. Contact us for a quote.

Content creation

If you want to display rolling advertisements, static or looped content, our experts can help with its creation. 

Why choose Blue Sky?

From outdoor cinemas to concert backdrops, our pop-up screens deliver fantastic performance.

Ian Taylor

Modular pop-up LED screens light up events with vibrant visuals. Their adaptable frameworks fit tight spaces indoors or outside on stages, and strategic placement guides spectators safely by discouraging surging crowds.

Our consultative services provide complete support from planning to maintenance. With vast partnerships, we recommend and install customised LED systems to meet unique venue and event needs. On-site visualisation through mobile displays streamlines planning. These dynamic high-tech displays maximise visual impact within spatial constraints.

We will build the exact screen to meet with your needs.

What our clients say about us

”Just a quick note to say thanks so much for your help yesterday. The event went really well, and the screen worked smoothly without a hitch – the client was really pleased and overall a great day, so thanks for your support.”

Oliver Cal

Banana Kick

“Many thanks for helping in the organisation and delivery of our biggest event of the year. Whilst we are a very small team for an event of this scale, the teamwork and staff who are prepared to go ‘above and beyond’ never fails to amaze me.”

Melanie Norris

Gravesham Borough Council

“Wanted to say both how great the van was and how fantastic Neil was to work with. He was a great sport, tried to do everything possible to assist us in what probably wasn’t the most orthodox of gigs and was a pleasure to work with.

Alex Murray

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What is a pop-up screen?

Pop-up screens are modular LED displays that can be quickly set up and taken down for events. They feature interlocking panels that assemble into large, seamless screens on temporary structures. This makes them highly adaptable and customisable for indoor or outdoor spaces. Pop-up screens provide vibrant digital visuals and messaging without permanent installation.

What are the benefits of pop-up screens?

Pop-up screens offer versatility and mobility to create visual impact at events. Key benefits include rapid set-up/tear-down, easy transportation, custom sizes and shapes, and ability to reuse in different locations. They allow dynamic brand messaging and sponsor promotion. Strategic placement assists crowd flow and safety. Pop-up screens are cost-effective rentals that eliminate permanent installation costs. They provide striking visuals that boost engagement and event experience.

Here are some key benefits:

  • Rapid setup and takedown – Modular pop-up screens can be assembled and disassembled much faster than permanent installations, allowing quicker event turnaround.
  • Mobility and versatility – Pop-up screens are mobile, movable, and reusable in different locations and for various types of events, both indoor and outdoor.
  • Cost savings – Renting pop-up screens eliminates the high costs of permanent on-site AV installations. Pop-up screens provide visual impact for lower investment.
  • Customisable – Modular pop-up screens allow flexible configurations, sizes, shapes and placements to match specific event needs.
  • Visibility – Pop-up screens increase visibility for audiences at a distance and allow sponsor branding/messaging to stand out.
  • Crowd safety – Strategic pop-up screen placement can assist with crowd control and discourage surges.
  • Engagement – Vibrant pop-up visuals boost audience engagement and enhance the event experience.
  • Turnkey solution – Full service pop-up screen providers offer end-to-end support from planning to operation.
  • Onsite visualisation – Mobile demo units allow organisers to visualise the pop-up screen onsite during planning.
  • No permanent installation – Pop-up screens provide striking visuals without permanent venue AV installs.
How do modular pop-up screens work?

Modular pop-up screens use interlocking LED panels that securely connect to form customized sizes. The separate panels attach together in various configurations on temporary mounting structures like stage decks or truss frameworks. Onboard power and electronics operate the screen. Pop-up screens are designed for quick assembly, disassembly and transport between events. Their modularity enables responsive sizing, shapes and placement.

Where are pop-up screens most suitable?

Pop-up screens work best at concerts, festivals, conventions, sports events, trade shows, and other temporary events that need eye-catching visuals. Their mobility and rapid setup allow use in diverse locations without permanent installation. Pop-up screens are ideal for indoor exhibits/presentations or outdoor viewing areas with limited space. Their flexibility enables customised creative solutions for venues and events with unique needs.

Here are some common use cases and applications for pop-up LED screens:

  • Concerts & festivals – Large outdoor stages can leverage massive pop-up screens for performer visibility and sponsor branding.
  • Sporting events – Pop-up screens in arenas and stadiums enhance viewer experience and display instant replays/stats.
  • Trade shows & expos – Modular screens allow exhibitors to create customisable branded display areas.
  • Corporate events – Companies use pop-up screens to highlight messaging and presentations at conferences.
  • Outdoor movie screenings – Pop-up screens transform parks and parking lots into temporary theatres.
  • Advertising & promotion – Quickly set up product/brand promotion in public spaces with eye-catching pop-up screens.
  • Political events – Pop-up screens at rallies and speeches enable broader viewing for attendees.
  • Stage backgrounds – Theatrical/stage productions employ pop-up LED walls for dynamic set design.
  • Hybrid events – Pop-up screens extend audience reach by projecting to both in-person and online attendees.
  • Wayfinding – Venues utilise pop-up screens for directional signage and information for visitors.
  • Product launches – Brands create immersive pop-up screen environments to unveil new products.
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