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Blue Sky hires out large LED screens and Digital advans for events, shows and advertising campaigns, with the largest fleet of digital advertising vans in the UK.

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Whether you’re advertising on the high street, streaming sporting events outdoors, or playing dynamic artwork for a concert backdrop, our LED screens and advans make your content unmissable.

Each event screen can be adaptively switched between live performance and pre-produced content modes, be it sponsor messages, advertisements, or music videos, giving you multiple ways to grab people’s attention. Blue Sky also provides camera teams to capture live on-stage performances

What We Do

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Digital advertising vans / advans

Our advans can be the backbone of your marketing campaign. By no longer being tied to certain locations or times of day, you can target your audience in a new captivating way that will be remembered. Mobile billboards add real wow-factor to your campaign.

Event screens

Event screens create maximum impact at shows and concerts, giving spectators the chance to enjoy performances irrespective of how close they are to the stage. Our LED event screens can be used indoors or outdoors, with multiple sizes available.

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pop-up screens

Pop-up screens

Make a big visual impact at your next event with our pop-up screen rentals. We offer a range of self-standing screens in various sizes to suit gatherings both large and small. We provide all the necessary cables to connect your laptop or device.

Retail food trailers

Looking for the perfect food solution for your next event or show? Look no further than our retail food trailers! With a variety of trailer sizes and layouts to choose from, we can accommodate any type of event, large or small. Our trailers are fully equipped with everything you need.

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Digital screen content production

We make eye-catching, results-driven content for leading brands. We optimise messaging for any environment – indoor, outdoor, moving displays – using design, text, audio to maximise campaign impact. Look no further for a complete advertising solution.

Screen purchase

Looking to buy an event screen or advan screen? We’ve got you covered. With access to screens from the best manufacturers in the world, we can design, configure, and build the perfect event and digivan screens for your needs, with sizes up to 100 sq. metres.

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We Are Blue Sky

What makes Blue Sky truly unique is our expertise in LED screen solutions.”

Ian Taylor

Blue Sky provides an exceptionally comprehensive service when it comes to LED screens. We begin by consulting with clients to understand their unique needs and vision. Our experts then handle every aspect of bringing that vision to life – from initial visualisation and engineering to selecting the optimal screen.

What makes Blue Sky truly unique is our capability to deliver sample LED screens right to your office using our mobile display units. This allows clients to see the screens in action within their actual intended environment prior to installation. Beyond these mobile demonstration units, our creative and installation teams can engineer customised LED screens for virtually any application – from curved configurations to building-mounted displays. 

With Blue Sky, you get a complete turnkey solution.

What our clients say about us

”Just a quick note to say thanks so much for your help yesterday. The event went really well, and the screen worked smoothly without a hitch – the client was really pleased and overall a great day, so thanks for your support.”

Oliver Cal

Banana Kick

“Many thanks for helping in the organisation and delivery of our biggest event of the year. Whilst we are a very small team for an event of this scale, the teamwork and staff who are prepared to go ‘above and beyond’ never fails to amaze me.”

Melanie Norris

Gravesham Borough Council

“Wanted to say both how great the van was and how fantastic Neil was to work with. He was a great sport, tried to do everything possible to assist us in what probably wasn’t the most orthodox of gigs and was a pleasure to work with.

Alex Murray

Stop Funding Hate

What to expect

With the largest fleet of mobile digital screens nationwide, we have the technology and expertise to meet your needs for any type of event.

We handle all aspects of the LED screen rental, from transportation and setup to operation. By combining up-to-date LED screen technology with exceptional customer service, we have established Blue Sky Events as the number one LED screen rental company in the event industry. 

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Blue Sky Events

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Who are Blue Sky?

Blue Sky Events is the leading provider of eye-catching LED screens and digital solutions for business events, conferences, product launches, and experiential marketing campaigns.

With the largest fleet of mobile LED screens and digital advertising vans nationwide, we have the technology and expertise to create maximum visual impact for your next corporate event, trade show, or experiential activation.

Our state-of-the-art LED event screens and digital vans grab attention in any environment – indoors or outdoors. We handle every aspect of the screen rental from transportation and set up to content production and operation.

Whether you need a backdrop for a stage, giant screens for attendee engagement, or a moving billboard to generate buzz, Blue Sky has the right solution.

We optimise messages and content for any environment using captivating visuals, motion graphics, and audio to maximise campaign impact. Our experienced team makes sure your brand and messaging is seen loud and clear.

For unmissable visual solutions that attract crowds and drive results, choose Blue Sky Events. We bring expertise and innovation to deliver standout corporate events across the UK.

What does an event screen do?

An event screen is a large digital display screen that is used at live events and experiences to enhance audience engagement. It serves several key functions:

  • Visibility – The large, vivid digital screen is highly visible to event attendees, even at a distance or in large crowds. This allows content to be seen by all.
  • Information Display – Event screens are used to display important event information like schedules, speaker names, sponsor details, announcements, agendas, and more. This keeps attendees informed.
  • Advertising/Branding – Sponsors and partners will use the event screen to advertise brands, products or services by displaying logos, ads, commercials and promotional content. This shows off sponsors.
  • Atmosphere – Event screens set the tone and enhance the experience through immersive displays of graphics, animations, videos and visuals. This creates an energetic, engaging atmosphere.
  • Interactivity – Screens can display social media feeds, attendee photos and live polls to encourage real-time interaction with the audience.

The versatile event screen is a focal point that brings audiences together through visual information and shared experiences. It is an impactful digital solution for amplified engagement.

What are the advantages of digital screens?
  • Flexibility – Digital screens allow dynamic content that can be changed instantly. This flexibility lets you update messaging or promotions in real time.
  • Engaging – Vivid motion graphics, video and imagery displayed on digital screens attract more attention than static signs. This drives greater engagement.
  • Visibility – With bright, high-resolution displays, digital screens are extremely visible, even in daylight. They stand out in public spaces.
  • Adaptability – Digital screens can be scaled up or down in size as needed. Content can be tailored to specific locations or audiences.
  • Cost-effective – Content can be updated remotely without having to remake physical signage. Digital screens have a lower long-term cost.

Overall, digital screens provide eye-catching dynamism, customisation, flexibility for impactful advertising and messaging.

What is a pop-up screen?

A pop-up screen is a portable, retractable digital display that can temporarily “pop up” for events, promotions or messaging. Here are some key features of pop-up screens:

  • Portability – Pop-up screens are lightweight, compact and collapsible. They can be quickly transported and set up at any location.
  • Temporary – These screens are designed for temporary, short-term use at events, tradeshows, in public spaces, etc. They are not permanent installations.
  • Retractable – The screen surface can unroll from a base unit or extend upward from a closed canister into a fully visible display.
  • Eye-catching – Pop-up screens attract attention with vibrant imagery/video on the tall, vertical display.
  • Flexible positioning – Small footprint allows positioning in spaces where a large, fixed screen wouldn’t fit.
  • Cost-effective – More affordable than large digital displays for short-term use.

With easy portability and eye-catching pop-up impact, these retractable screens are ideal for temporary promotions, events and marketing.

What are digital advertising vans?

Digital advertising vans have exterior digital display screens for outdoor mobile advertising. Key features:

  • Large screens on vehicle sides or backs display vivid digital ads.
  • Digital displays are highly visible on busy roads and high traffic areas.
  • Content can be changed based on location for localised ads.
  • Motion and video on the screens grab viewer attention.
  • Data and analytics provide insights on playback duration and impressions.
  • Highly flexible for moving between set advertising zones.
  • Cost effective compared to fixed displays like billboards.
  • Can drive brand awareness and exposure through wide mobility.

Digital advertising vans provide a movable, captivating advertising medium that brands can strategically utilise for outdoor campaigns.

How many advans and screens can I hire?

When it comes to providing screens and vehicles for advertising campaigns or events, our company can offer unmatched scale and flexibility. With a large fleet of advans at your disposal containing over 100 stock-sized event screens, we have the capacity to fulfill campaigns of any size.

Whether your advertising or event plans call for just a single vehicle and screen or dozens to blanket an entire city or region, we have you covered. Our fleet ranges from small, nimble cars perfect for navigating congested downtown areas to large sprinter vans and trucks capable of housing giant, eye-catching screens. The screens themselves come in standard dimensions for mounting on vehicles, but we also have the in-house expertise to fabricate custom screens of virtually any size you require.

When you choose our video screen and advan rental services, you get more than just equipment – you get the support of industry experts. We don’t just provide screens and vehicles; we become invested partners in bringing your advertising dreams to life. Our veteran project managers will oversee every detail from concept to execution, leveraging our unparalleled nationwide infrastructure. Once your campaign launches, we’ll remain on standby to address even the most unexpected problems and keep things running smoothly from start to finish.

Whether you’re planning a modest promotional tour in a single geographic area or seeking to coordinate a massive rollout across multiple regions simultaneously, we have the screens, advans, and expertise at the ready. Our fleet resources and custom design capabilities empower us to scale projects to any size required. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that our world-class advert advan fleet and support teams have you covered. Just tell us your vision, and we’ll make it happen with the screens and vehicles to bring your advertising message anywhere you want it to go.

How does digital content production work?

Digital content production sees our team design and develop engaging graphics, animations, video and other visual assets specifically for digital signage and screens. We collaborate with you to understand campaign goals and branding needs. Our technical experts ensure the content is optimised for digital displays in terms of format, resolution, frame rate and other specifications.

The content is crafted to grab viewer attention with compelling imagery, motion, typography and minimal text. Production can range from static slides to dynamic animated content. Post-launch, we analyse performance to refine the content for ongoing campaigns.

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