We rent out LED screens for unmissable events

Blue Sky rents out eye-catching LED screens to captivate audiences indoors and out. Our fleet of mobile advans provides customisable on-the-go digital displays to maximise your event’s visual impact. With turnkey service from planning to operation, we create show-stopping visuals wherever your audience gathers.

Our Mission

Blue Sky’s mission is to create unmissable event experiences through innovative LED screen technology.

We provide adaptable and captivating modular LED displays and advans with screens to enhance engagement and visibility at concerts, festivals, trade shows, weddings, and other events.

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LED Effectiveness

The use of Digital LED screens at events and in advertising campaigns has proven to be an extremely effective strategy. With their bright, vivid colours and ability to display moving video, LED screens grab people’s attention, so events or ads leave a memorable impact. At conferences and trade shows, large LED walls on the main stage have become must-haves for highlighting speakers and presentations.

During concerts and live performances, our customizable LED displays provide dynamic backdrops and amplify the energy in the room. LED screens enable advertisers to create dazzling video ads that can be displayed in even the busiest public spaces. According to studies, ads on LED displays have higher recall rates compared to static billboards. With their versatility, visibility, and wow-factor, LED screens give events and advertisers a powerful platform to capture their audiences and promote their messages, hence their effectiveness as an event and marketing tool will only become more apparent as the technology further advances.

Find out more about hiring Digital Advans here.

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Why Blue Sky?

With the largest fleet of state-of-the-art modular LED screens, Blue Sky provides unmatched mobile visual solutions to amplify your event. Our turnkey services deliver completely customisable displays with rapid deployment and seamless live operation, so for unforgettable events that maximise reach and impact, choose Blue Sky.

Blue Sky Events

Your advan and LED screen experts

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