Screen manufacturing

We manufacture large, modular LED screens for mobile and static applications. Let us build your perfect screen using the latest technology from leading manufacturers. 

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Industry-leading LED screen manufacturers

We use the latest technology from a pool of 1,000 leading manufacturers, creating LED screens that are superior to anything you can buy pre-made. Add the possibility of limitless sizes, and you can satisfy any application.

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We use a unique, modular system

We manufacture LED screens from 5 square metres to 100 square metres, with a unique modular system that makes transporting them easy. 

  • Engage commuters, shoppers, event crowds.

  • Target audiences anywhere, anytime

  • Deliver localised content as you move around.

How It Works

Our expert team will consult with you to understand your unique needs and specifications. We then source the latest LED technology from our network of 1,000 leading manufacturers to create a custom, modular screen system. Our unique manufacturing process allows us to build screens of any size, from 5 to 100 square meters, that are superior to pre-made options. The modular design makes transporting your new high-quality LED screen easy. Every step is done in-house by our experienced team, from consultation to manufacturing to delivery


We can design screens to any size and format, with a modular system that lets you build a larger screen on-site. 


Pricing is determined by the type and number of cabinets we use. As a general rule, you should budget £70 per square metre. 

Content creation

We can also assist with creating digital content for your screens, should you want to put them into action immediately. 

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Why choose Blue Sky?

We take the time to consult with you to understand your unique needs.

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When you choose Blue Sky for your LED screen needs, you get a level of quality and customisation that other providers simply can’t match. 

Our unique manufacturing process and modular system enable us to create LED screens of virtually any dimensions you require. Whether you need a small 5 square metre screen or an expansive 100 square metre display, we can customise the ideal solution for your application. 

Blue Sky also handles the entire integration process, including the power electronics and controllers needed to make your LED screen operational. You won’t have to coordinate with multiple vendors.

Blue Sky offers unmatched quality and limitless customisation.

What our clients say about us

”Just a quick note to say thanks so much for your help yesterday. The event went really well, and the screen worked smoothly without a hitch – the client was really pleased and overall a great day, so thanks for your support.”

Oliver Cal

Banana Kick

“Many thanks for helping in the organisation and delivery of our biggest event of the year. Whilst we are a very small team for an event of this scale, the teamwork and staff who are prepared to go ‘above and beyond’ never fails to amaze me.”

Melanie Norris

Gravesham Borough Council

“Wanted to say both how great the van was and how fantastic Neil was to work with. He was a great sport, tried to do everything possible to assist us in what probably wasn’t the most orthodox of gigs and was a pleasure to work with.

Alex Murray

Stop Funding Hate


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How does a modular LED screen work?

Our modular LED screens are made up of smaller interlocking panels that can be connected together to form larger displays. Each LED panel contains a cluster of LEDs and the circuitry needed to control and power them. The panels have simple physical connectors along their edges that allow them to be joined together, both horizontally and vertically.

Once connected, the panels function as a cohesive display controlled by a central processor. The modular design makes the screens highly customisable – additional panels can be added to increase the display size. It also makes the screens portable and easy to install. Smaller configurations can be created by using fewer panels. Should any single panel fail, it can be swapped out easily without replacing the entire screen. In summary, our modular system allows for creative LED screen solutions that are scalable, customisable and cost-effective.

Should I buy or hire LED screens?

Whether to buy or hire LED screens depends on your specific needs and situation. Hiring allows you to use an LED screen for a short-term event or trial period without a major upfront investment. It’s a flexible option that lets you test different configurations and find the ideal screen size and layout for your purposes. Hiring is great for one-off events or situations where you only need a screen temporarily.

Buying an LED screen gives you a permanent solution that can be used over the long-term. It allows for full customisation and integration into your venue or facility. Purchasing makes sense if you will use the screen regularly in the same location. Our modular LED screens are designed for longevity but can still be reconfigured or expanded as needed. We offer attractive financing options to spread out the cost of purchasing. Our team can advise you on whether buying or hiring an LED screen is better suited for your particular requirements.

Do your screens come with a warranty?

Yes, all of the LED screens we manufacture come with a 12-month warranty. This covers the entire screen unit or any individual modular panels that may fail during the first year. If any part of your custom LED screen malfunctions or stops working as intended within the first 12 months, simply let us know and we will repair or replace the faulty components free of charge. Our modular design means we can swap out a single panel that develops an issue rather than needing to replace the entire screen. This comprehensive warranty provides peace of mind that your investment is covered should defects arise during the first year of use.

What are the advantages of your LED screens?

Our bespoke LED screens offer numerous benefits that make them the top choice for organisations requiring large, high-quality displays.

  • We utilise cabinets from leading technology manufacturers to ensure you are getting components manufactured to the highest standards.
  • Our screens incorporate premium power electronics and controllers from industry leaders. This powers the exceptional brightness, contrast and longevity of our displays.
  • The unique modular construction enables complete flexibility – screens can be created in any dimensions and later expanded with additional panels.
  • We can accommodate small screens starting from just 5 square metres up to expansive 100+ square metre displays. Any size or format is possible.
  • Our experienced technicians handle the entire process from initial consultation through manufacturing to final on-site installation.
  • The modular system makes the screens easy to take down, transport and set up in new locations as required.
  • We fully integrate and test the displays prior to delivery, so they are ready for immediate use upon installation.
  • Ongoing support is available from our knowledgeable technical team.

In summary, our bespoke LED screens offer premium components, flawless integration, modular flexibility, custom sizes, professional support and future-proof expandability. That’s why we deliver the best LED screens on the market no matter the specific requirements.

How do I order a screen?

Ordering one of our bespoke LED screens is a straightforward process. Simply contact our team to initiate a consultation. We will discuss your needs in depth and provide advice on the ideal specifications for your application. Once we have gathered all the necessary information, our engineers will design a custom LED screen solution to your requirements. We will provide a proposal for you to review and sign off on. With your approval, we will then manufacture the screen to the agreed design. Our team handles the entire process from initial consultation through to final delivery and installation of your tailored LED display.

We manufacture the best quality screens

Contact us anytime to discuss screen manufacturing.

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