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Looking to buy an event screen or advan screen? We’ve got you covered. With access to cabinets from over 1,000 top manufacturers, we can design and configure the perfect screen for your needs. Let us know what you want and we’ll suggest screen options tailored specifically for you.

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Screen Purchase With Limitless Possibilities

If you’d rather purchase event and advan screens than rent them, we can configure the perfect screen for your requirements at a lower cost and with more configurability than buying direct from the manufacturer.

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Any Size And Format

Our screens are modular, meaning we can manufacture and configure them to any size and format. Look no further for custom event screens that always deliver.

  • Custom sizes and formats.

  • Industry-leading LED technology.

  • Over a decade's experience building screens.

How It Works

Looking for a new event or pop-up screen? We’ve got you covered. With access to LED technology from hundreds of top brands, we can help find and build the perfect screen tailored to your requirements. Tell us about your ideal size, resolution, panel type and other must-have features. Our knowledgeable team will suggest the ideal event screens based on your needs and budget.

Purchase methods

Hire for one day, one week, one month, or however long you need. We’re flexible.

Screen types

We price by the hire period, with bulk discounts available for longer rentals. Contact us for a quote.


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Blue Sky Events

Why choose Blue Sky?

We make finding the perfect screen simple with a consultation to match displays to your exact requirements and budget.

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With access to over 1,000 top screen manufacturers, we can recommend options based on your location, application and goals. This includes considering ideal size, resolution, panel type and special features.

Beyond just selling screens, we offer complete support. Our creative designers can visualise installations and engineer customised solutions for unique spaces. We’ll handle everything from selecting the right display to full installation and ongoing maintenance if you want it.

Our approach makes upgrading your screens easy.

What our clients say about us

”Just a quick note to say thanks so much for your help yesterday. The event went really well, and the screen worked smoothly without a hitch – the client was really pleased and overall a great day, so thanks for your support.”

Oliver Cal

Banana Kick

“Many thanks for helping in the organisation and delivery of our biggest event of the year. Whilst we are a very small team for an event of this scale, the teamwork and staff who are prepared to go ‘above and beyond’ never fails to amaze me.”

Melanie Norris

Gravesham Borough Council

“Wanted to say both how great the van was and how fantastic Neil was to work with. He was a great sport, tried to do everything possible to assist us in what probably wasn’t the most orthodox of gigs and was a pleasure to work with.

Alex Murray

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What are the benefits of screen purchase versus hire?

Here are some potential benefits of purchasing screens versus renting them:

  • Cost savings in the long run – Purchasing screens outright means you own them and don’t have to pay recurring rental fees over time. This can add up to major cost savings down the road.
  • Customisation – When you purchase screens, you can select the exact specs and features you want rather than being limited to rental inventory. This allows for better customisation to your needs.
  • Convenience – Purchased screens mean you have them on hand at all times. You don’t have to reserve rentals far in advance or coordinate returns.
  • Control – You maintain full control over purchased screens. You can set them up and use them anytime without rental restrictions.
  • Flexibility – Purchased screens can stay set up permanently in optimal positions tailored to their usage. Rentals may require takedown between events.
  • Investment – Purchasing quality screens is an investment into your business infrastructure. You can depreciate and deduct purchases as business expenses.
  • Resale value – Screens typically retain reasonable resale value if you ever want to sell or upgrade them in the future. Rental fees provide no such value.

The right choice depends on your budget, usage needs and timeline. For frequent or permanent screening needs, purchase often provides more value.

What configuration options do you offer?

When purchasing an event screen from us, customers have a variety of configuration options to tailor the display to their specific needs:

  • Screen size – We offer screens in a range of standard and custom sizes to match the scale and audience size of your event. Larger screens are ideal for reaching crowds far away from the stage.
  • Resolution – Higher resolution screens offer more vivid picture quality and detailed images. Resolution can be balanced with budget and viewing distances.
  • Aspect ratio – Widescreen 16:9 displays are well-suited for video content. Square 1:1 screens allow for creative arrangements.
  • Modularity – LED screens can be designed as modular panels to create customized arrangements and viewing angles. Curved and perimeter screens are possible.
  • Mounting – We offer standing, hanging and wall-mounted solutions to position screens effectively based on venue specs. Truss, trailers and cranes can elevate displays.
  • Inputs – Screens can accept feeds from live cameras, computers, TVs, projectors and more. Multiple inputs allow switching between sources.
  • Audio – Speakers can be integrated directly into screens or connected externally according to audience size and environment.
  • Lighting – LED screens can include perimeter lighting for striking visual effects. Lighting helps visibility for night events.
  • Power supply – Onboard generators, batteries or hardwired connections provide required electricity to operate screens.
  • Transport – Trailer or truss-based mobile screens simplify setup and tear down for multi-site events.

Let our team know your event goals and ideal viewing experience. We’ll recommend the perfect screen configuration to maximize your audience engagement and enjoyment.

Do you also sell mobile screens?

Yes, we offer mobile LED screens for purchase in addition to our rental fleet. 

Our mobile screens are built with durability in mind to withstand frequent transportation and setup. We have mobile screens available in a range of sizes from compact 5×5 ft. up to large 40×20 ft. trailers. Resolution ranges from basic to ultra HD 4K for top-quality image display.

Owning your own mobile LED screen allows for flexibility in scheduling and operations. You can use it anytime at your convenience rather than relying on rental availability. It also becomes a personalised, branded asset for your business.

Our team handles everything from recommending the right mobile screen to final delivery. Ongoing maintenance packages are also available. Contact us today to explore purchasing an LED screen to take your event productions to the next level!

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