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The holiday season is supposed to be a magical time filled with cheer, celebrations, and quality time with loved ones. However, in the revelry of festive nights out on the town, tensions can sometimes escalate into violence. A spilled drink or careless word can trigger confrontations that spiral out of control.

That’s why Blue Sky Event Services is proud to support the nationwide Walk Away campaign this holiday season. As leaders in supplying high-tech audiovisual equipment to support safety initiatives, we’ve provided digital ad vans to promote Walk Away across the UK in partnership with local police forces.

What is Walk Away?

Walk Away is a public awareness crusade focused on avoiding violence during nights out. It urges people to recognize rising tempers and safely withdraw from dangerous situations before they lead to physical harm. The central message is promoting deescalation over reaction. It also recommends looking out for friends to ensure everyone makes it home safely after a fun evening.

With busy shopping centers and festive parties raising stress levels, the holiday season often sees an uptick in assault cases. The Walk Away Campaign combats this by distributing vital information on avoiding needless confrontations. Our fleet of digital ad vans displays this guidance prominently at nightlife hot spots across the country.

VCCU Partnerships

We collaborated closely with Detective Inspector Mark Brennan of VCCU Partnerships to realize this initiative. Upon unveiling the campaign, DI Brennan said:

“Assaults which happen during a night out can have serious consequences. The message of the campaign is so important and it is excellent to see that it is therefore now being shared nationally. Our message is that when you get involved in a fight on a night out – usually over a minor thing – you do not have control. Instead you have the potential to ruin a number of lives forever, including your own.”

His words perfectly encapsulate why Walk Away resonates so strongly as violence prevention outreach.

Life-Changing Consequences

A brief moment of anger can snowball into devastating outcomes rippling for years. An injury sustained in a senseless brawl can leave permanent disability. The offender may face substantial jail time ruining future prospects. Families on both sides suffer tremendous grief and loss.

As DI Brennan noted, clashes are often sparked by insignificant slights magnified by high emotions and intoxication. Yet the results radically alter people’s lives over petty disagreements easily forgotten the next day.

By encouraging level-headedness, the Walk Away Campaign helps curb catastrophes born of booze-fueled bravado. Its crucial reminders give intoxicated individuals pause to consider the irrevocable damage they may cause. This prevents drunkenness from clouding judgement in the heat of the moment.

Vital Messaging

Chief Constable Kate Meynell, National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Homicide, summarized why campaigns like Walk Away are so vitally important:

“The consequences of a drunken fight on a night out can be fatal and inflict life-long consequences for everyone involved. Research shows that these assaults tend to happen for trivial reasons, maybe a rude comment, or even just a spilled drink.”

“If you find yourself on a night out and in a heated situation, remember the consequences of violence, and ask yourself is it worth it? Is this worth potentially taking someone’s loved one away from them, and taking yourself away from your own family to serve a prison sentence?”

Her words ring loudly this time of year when joyful spirits often lead to regretful choices. Walk Away may prompt someone to think twice before throwing that fateful punch. And attention from our fleet of mobile digital displays spreads this potentially lifesaving message widely.

Continue Spreading the Word

As Chief Constable Meynell said, we all have a part to play in broadcasting this message to prevent needless tragedies. Our high visibility digital vans greatly magnify the campaign’s reach. Additionally, Blue Sky representatives share details on Walk Away at client events and on our website.

But the more individuals and organizations participate, the wider the impact. Every time someone stops to read the message blazing across one of our mobile LED screens, it imprints in their mind. This self-reflection may just save them or a friend from disaster down the road.

Let’s make this season truly one to remember for joyous reasons rather than sorrowful ones. By championing awareness campaigns like Walk Away, we create safer, happier communities for all. Please contact our team to find out more about supporting responsible public outreach programs in your area. Here’s to peace and goodwill this holiday season and always!

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