Outdoor Advertising Opportunities Across the UK in 2024

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The outdoor advertising landscape across the United Kingdom is expected to present rich opportunities for brands in the coming year. As you likely know, outdoor ads encompass marketing across channels like billboards, transit displays, street furniture, and more. Recent projections show ad spend in this sector climbing by 5.9% in 2024. So for companies looking to amplify presence, now is an opportune time to capitalize on impactful outdoor campaigns countrywide.

You may wonder – what factors drive this continued momentum? This growth largely stems from key strengths unique to outdoor media. Namely, the ability to reach on-the-go audiences at scale who may limit traditional media consumption. Additionally, innovations in digital signage and experiential activations allow for more diverse, targeted and interactive encounters.

Let’s explore 4 key areas prime for outdoor ad investment across the UK in 2024:

Roadside Billboard Campaigns

Static and digital billboards positioned along motorways and busy roadsides offer unparalleled reach. Research shows 89% of UK adults are exposed to roadside ads each week. And capacity is only expanding. Specialists like JCDecaux now operate over 40,000 prime roadside sites. As investment in premium large and small format screens grows each year, so too do the creative possibilities for brands.

What’s more, UK governmental bodies continue easing restrictions on roadside advertising. New guidelines allow displays within 100 meters of crossing points at certain lower speed limits. This opens additional previously untenable sites in busy areas. Brands can capitalize on the increased exposure and traffic driving by at slowed speeds.

Transit Media Placements

Public transportation advertising also affords great exposure. National rail, buses, trams, taxis and more drive 3.5 billion passenger trips across the UK annually. So placements on transit and at transport hubs reach urban commuters when they’re most receptive.

Better still, transit media is going increasingly digital, so centers like London Transport and Network Rail are rolling out connected screens with real-time content flexibility. This allows you to dynamically update messages for situational relevance. And with rich data from transit providers, target specific rider demographics when they travel most.

Novel Street Level Activations

Creative street level activations and experiential events also present direct public engagement opportunities. Sampling, street team promotion and 3D advertising displays at key outdoor sites and Centers of Influence drive awareness and social sharing.

Additionally, growth in metro interactive outdoor ad spend shows high public receptivity. London witnessed a 650% increase in activations from 2020 to 2021 alone. Projections suggest brand experience events will occupy high streets and public spaces nationwide in 2024.

Local Area Targeting

Granular neighborhood and demographic targeting data also enables localized outdoor advertising as never before. Thanks to rich mobile location insights combined across digital and static networks, you can geo target priority postal codes in a given region, so you’re reaching consumers based on purchase interests and behaviors as they move throughout their area and day. Resulting in neighborhood level customization that drives outcomes for savvy marketers.

Blue Sky’s Fleet Delivers Targeted, Rapid Response Outdoor Advertising

Argos LED Advan

As you can see, growth in outdoor media options shows no signs of slowing across the UK. As specialists in on the move digital advertising displays, Blue Sky offers brands a flexible and responsive way to capitalize on these opportunities. Specifically through our expanding fleet of LED equipped digital advans.


Our high visibility, specially wrapped vehicles combine attention grabbing design with full motion video and graphical displays. Easily stationed at events, festivals, and high foot traffic zones. Or mobilized to traverse routes throughout metro areas for continual exposure.

What truly sets our roving digital advans apart is the ability to fluidly meet your campaign needs. Want to promote activations happening across a region? We’ll plan tours hitting every site in succession.

Thanks to their compact size compared to lorries, our vans gain access even in dense urban locations. All with minimal lead time to commence campaigns thanks to our nationwide logistics and experienced driving staff.


Ultimately our mobile designs deliver an adaptable medium to address near term demands. While complementing wider national OOH and experiential initiatives through:

  • Event Responsive Coverage: Share on-site happenings to passing foot and vehicle traffic exterior to venues. Boosting awareness for attendance and social chatter.
  • Tactical Area Targeting: Concentrate messages in postal code designated zones to influence hyper local purchase decisions.
  • Short Term Campaign Deployment: Launch specialized creatives with little notice to capitalize on emerging opportunities.
  • Experiential Tour Extension: Expand consumer touchpoints beyond fixed street level activations through rotating visits.
  • Metro Mobility: Maintain continual exposures across varying high traffic zones throughout cities.

Blue Sky

As you assess how to make the most of expanding OOH ad options in 2024, count on Blue Sky’s mobile fleet to meet your versatile needs. They allow brands to literally “get your message on the streets” in quick, targeted fashion leveraging data and insights for smarter place based promotion.

Politics Digital Ad Van

Get in touch with our team to explore how our customizable roving vans can address goals for the coming year and bring your outdoor initiatives even more impact.

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