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Knife Crime: A New Approach with Mobile Amnesty Bins


Knife crime has become an increasing problem in many communities across the UK.

As violence rises, police and local officials are looking for new ways to get dangerous knives off the streets.

One innovative solution is the introduction of mobile knife amnesty bins provided by Blue Sky Event Services.

These specially designed amnesty bins can be operated anywhere in the UK.

They allow authorities to reach into local communities and target hotspots for knife/bladed weapon violence.

It provides a secure and anonymous way for people to safely dispose of knives and other weapons without fear of prosecution.

A key feature of the program is its ability to connect with communities on a grassroots level. The amnesty vehicle can introduce specific messages and videos related to local issues with knife crime – allowing police to promote the message that “this is an Amnesty and no one who turns in a knife will be prosecuted”; Improving relationships between police and the public is a major goal.

The amnesty bins provide a non-threatening opportunity for people to turn over dangerous knives while providing mobile outreach directly into impacted neighbourhoods, taking more weapons out of circulation.

Blue Sky provides a complete amnesty bin service, with daily pricing starting at £595 + VAT.

With knife crime on the rise, innovative approaches like this could provide a new way forward. building trust and removing weapons to create safer communities across Britain.

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